Nigerian actor Ali Nuhu has added his voice to the public outcry for justice for a young girl reportedly assaulted by her stepmother.

The young girl who was subjected to the cruel treatment has been identified as Hafsat. The Northern Hibiscus disclosed that Hafsat has been undergoing bad treatment at the mercy of her stepmother since her biological mother left her father.

The post on Instagram read ;

”I am calling on the sokoto state Governor and the office of the first lady of sokoto state to look into this and of cause yan aji dake sokoto.

This is Hafsat, a teen who has been living with her step mom me suna Raheela Yakubu @__raheelah__ since her mother left her Dad.

Why will a human being inflict this kind of pain on another human being?
What was Hafsat’s crime?
Wai bata gyaran daki bata jin magana.
Shine za ki karya ta ki hallaka yar mutane.
Raheela most go to jail.
Duk wanda yayi wannan ze yi kisa.
We want justice for Hafsat.
Mun dau hafsat ta zama yar mu.”


Reacting to the viral call for justice, Nuhu shared the post querying the kind of bad thing the girl might have committed to go through such horrible treatment.


” Sometimes we are our own problem, what has this innocent souls done?”