Woman sparks outrage after buying matching outfits for her grandkids except the one who isn’t her son’s biological child

A Twitter user @Dfhappy has shared a controversial story on the microblogging platform about a woman’s action towards her grandchildren which many social media users found appalling.

According to the tweep, a woman bought matching pajamas for all her grandkids except the one who does not belong to her son.

Sharing a photo of the kids, @Dfhappy wrote;

”This isn’t my story. I don’t know these people. Just curious what you would do. “A friend of mine is married. Mother in law bought matching PJ’s for all kids EXCEPT the one that doesn’t belong to her son. Is she wrong?””

The post generated massive reactions with many netizens condemning the woman for her action.

@LadyDawn65 said; She is wrong. As a parent in a “yours, mine and ours” family, I just want to make it clear ALL of the children are OURS because we are a FAMILY. If someone tries to exclude one, they are sent to the exit. Period.

@ZuGeneve; That’s just petty. Blending two families should mean everyone is a full member of the new one.

@BeachlifeisB; Husband needs to grow a pair and stand up to his mom

@unemployedfatty; I put 100% of the blame on the mother and father in this situation. Why would you allow your child to be separated like this? The grandma can try to be petty all she wants but nothing is happening unless the mother and father are allowing it. Terrible parents.

@mwadej69; I’m more bothered that there is a picture. Why didn’t the parents purchase a pair for her? I have so many questions?

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