This comes after the mother of two reacted to a video which talked about how money can jeopardise relationships because of constant demands and high expectations from friends and family members.


According to her, helping someone is very good however it sometimes become hectic when they keep on asking because they are friends or family.

She lamented that the worst feeling and heartbreaking moment is when you refuse to give or say that you can’t help. She concluded that when that happens the very last help that you couldn’t offer nullify all the many helps you have given previously.

She wrote;

“Dey never gonna stop and it’s harder to say no cos it’s family or that friend. Sadly, they all feel entitled. Help is good. More heartbreaking is the moment you don’t have to give. That moment you become the worst person. Then all the 20 good deeds turns to 21 bad deeds.” she wrote.


See how netizens reacted to her assertion;

dbig_picture wrote; Let them go and work too. So they can give others .

j.walexy wrote: I faced the same when I stopped giving and focus on investing in my future and my happiness… Not families this time, just some random people that feels entitle

stanleynanka wrote; So she is saying she is broke and can’t provide like she used to ? Just sit them down and talk to the so called friends and family . It’s that simple !