Man offers to sell his kidney to raise N5.5 million bride price

A Kenyan man has gone viral after he put his kidney up for sale in a bid to raise Ksh 1.5M (N5.4m) bride price to marry his dream girl.

The yet-to-be identified man took to the streets with a placard which revealed details of his plans to sell his organ.

According to him, in-laws denied him a chance to marry the love of his life for failing to raise Ksh1.5 million as dowry.

He asked social media users to help him raise the money to marry his heartthrob, adding that he has opted to put up his kidney on sale to get the required amount.

“The family denied me the chance to marry the love of my life until I pay Ksh 1.5 million.

“I have decided to sell my kidney at an offer of Ksh 2 million. Someone help,” the inscription on the placard reads.

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