2 Reasons Why Old Ships Are Sunk Into The Ocean On Purpose.

A ship is a large vessel that floats on water and is capable of moving across the sea. It is propelled by thrust and is also powered by a big and powerful engine. Like every living and non-living thing, there is a beginning and an end. Human beings and animals grow old; the same with machines, such as cars, aircraft, and even ships.


While airplanes are stored in boneyard after being retired for getting old, ships are sunken in the ocean when they are no longer fit for use. In this article, I want to share some reasons why ships are sunk into the ocean on purpose.


1. To create artificial reefs. A reef is part of an important and diverse marine ecosystem that houses corals and algae that form complex structures that attract fish and other marine life. Sinking ships into the ocean is a way to make an artificial reef, especially in areas with a featureless bottom because calcium forms on the steel used as a cover for the body of the ship, and this attracts algae and corals to start growing on it.


The holes and cracks made on the body of the ship serve as shelter for marine life and also a place to hide from predators. This improves fish habitat and enhances coastal erosion protection.


2. To create a commercially viable and professional training site. The formation of coral and algae makes marine life possible around sunken ships, and this makes it a safe area to train divers and study more about aquatic life.


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