Why Planes Can’t Fly Over Messi and Suarez’s House; Truth behind the fact

There have been several news that planes are not allowed to fly over a Lionel Messi’s home. Louis Suarez also has the same privilege as he has built a beautiful home in the same suburb as Lionel Messi.

This sentence went off like a bombshell in Spain and provoked a huge controversy as many people believed that Messi and Suarez are so influential that they can change the law in Barcelona.┬áBut why can’t planes fly over Messi and Suarez’s homes? Their houses have something in common with Paris and Washington DC.

According to the chief executive of the Spanish airline, the ban is part of an incredibly strict environmental law. Messi and Suarez live in a protected zone. And this has been the case for an extremely long time. The noise pollution caused by planes is a huge problem as it disrupts the extremely rich array of wildlife found in this suburb. To respect the ban on flying over this area. planes aren’t allowed to fly towards the sea right after takeoff. In no situation can they fly along the coast. Messi and Suarez have nothing to do with this law. They are simply lucky enough to live in one of the quietest places on earth.

Apart from the incident, Messi is naturally a quiet person. He may not have enough power to control planes or change the laws, but he does have enough money to buy his own peace and quietness which was proved in another unbelievable story about his neighborhood, told by his Barcelona teammate, Ivan Rakitic to the Croatian media.


When Leo bought his house, the neighbors were a bit too noisy. So he had to buy their house to get a bit of peace and quietness. He bought the house for almost $1.2 million.

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