A social media user has schooled netizens on why they should not use their old clothes as rags.

This social media user made this known in a recent post he made in the popular Ghanaian Facebook group, Tell It All.

According to him, the reason people should stop using old clothes as rags is that as an individual who lives a virtue of your soul in anything you wear so using these clothes as rags brings some sort of uncleanliness to your soul.

The post he made reads;

“Stop using your old clothes as rags you’ll go broke, anything u wear leaves a virtue of your soul in it.🙏”

The post he made got people caused as one social media user asked;

“So, what must we used it for?
Where are your old clothes since you where born?”

He reacted by saying;

“my dad was an evangelist and my mum is currently an Apostle, my dad would gather them and pray over them before giving them away, if it’s torn he would burn them but make us be around the fire whiles it’s burning, he never used any of our clothes as rags never.”


Some other reactions the post got are;

Alberta Yeboah – And u want Nana Addo to fit the country herrrrr fit ur mind set nu wati. Too much maintenance in it

Iryne N. Guane – Then those that we’ve thrown away at the refuse damp de3…

Mharmy Airkwiyarh – Eeiii mode3 no…yedi moakyi…yendwee y3to mpo na yata….3de3nben….Fri y3so na mede3 Nipa also ay3 hye

Adepa Cher – 😂😂😂😂
the foss at times comes from a very rich person and it will used to clean the toilet, somewhere in the world.
How has this affected the previous owners? The china made sef is often made by children, who curse those that buy such clothes.
Like by now 90% of our celebrities die😂🤣