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‘My Brother Is A Womanizer & Cannot Be Trusted, The Lady He Is About To Marry Deserves Better’

The lady made this known in a recent letter she wrote to the renowned relationship coach, David Bondze-Mbir.

The post reads;

“I just read an interesting inbox message. I am not going to share it (because she’s given rather too much details). I’m going to summarize her message: Her brother will be getting married to a lovely lady. She feels the lady deserves better. According to her message, her brother is a womanizer and cannot be trusted. She equates her brother’s behavior to that of their dad – ‘birds of the same feather’. She doesn’t think her sister-in-law-to-be knows this other side of her brother. She wants to inform her. Just because she’s a fellow woman. She asked of my opinion and I narrated my own experience with my younger brother Enoch.
Enoch is one of the decent, hardworking young men I know. He is very considerate, caring and a ONE-WOMAN kinda man. He dated his wife for 10 years, never engaged in sex with her till they were married years ago. They married as virgins. Enoch, however, has a silent TEMPER that is LOUDER than Duncan Williams’ “Arise, oh my soul!”
When they announced their decision to be married, I called my sister-in-law to inform her on my brother’s TEMPER. She laughed and said, “Oh, I will help him to keep it in check”. I don’t know what Olivia is doing, but the very same things I could say to annoy my brother and get him fired up, he doesn’t mind me when I tease him today. I can no longer find his quick temper when we speak on phone. Let me also add that, he initially banned me from attending his wedding (because I told his wife about his then, temper). He changed his mind, two days to his wedding, and re-invited me.
I have asked her to read other opinions from your comments to decide on what next to do!”





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