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Former Beauty Queen, Precious Chikwendu, Weeps As She Pleads To See Her Kids

Former beauty Queen, Precious Chikwendu wept bitterly in a new video as she pleads with her estranged husband, Femi Fani Kayode and the court to see her children.

Precious Chikwendu revealed that she has not been herself because she has not seen her children and despite a court order stating that she can see her children and spend time with them this Christmas, Femi Fani Kayode’s lawyer is going on an appeal not to allow her not to see her children.

She captioned her video on Instagram as;

`Till court orders are obeyed, till our voices as mothers are heard, till children are no longer used as bullet shield for failures of two adults, till the emotional state of my sons are put into consideration we shall keep speaking up`

Watch the video below;

See some reactions below;

For whatever reason how can a mother be prevented from seeing her 4 kids????
How???? The law in this part of the world was not made for all walahi, it was made for the rich and powerful to oppress the others.


Keeping a mother away from her kids can be very depressing🥺🥺please give her access to her kids


But that man can’t take care of those kids the way the mom will do,he thinks he want to wicked her he is suffering the kids too


I really pity this lady sha 💔 ladies be careful, staying with someone that’s abusive because he has money, it has it side effect. Can’t believe I’m saying this but she should have remain as sugar baby instead of marrying him. This is cruel



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