Why children should not sleep in the same room with their parents. (See reasons)

The rate at which children are learning ungodly things is going out of hands, children of this generation are doing things that their parents did not practice during their own time. Some times I do ask questions like,

what are the major causes of all these unethical things that is happening in the world today?

According to Victor enyinda he said the causes of this kind of act is cause by the parents of the children.

Ugo chioma, said some of this issues are caused by the environment the children find themselves.

Another Facebook user, known as Amadi justice, he said parents should stop watching any movie that involves romantic scenes or sex with their children. He further said parents that sleep in the same room with their children should also stop sleeping in the same room with their children to avoid this ungodly act, this children displayed.

He also said if the parents have only one room them should make sure their children have sleep deeply before them do anything. Or them should be giving their children sleeping drugs any night them want to make love.

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