The right way to raise female children

It is not easy to be a parent, or to assume responsibility for another human, that’s why if one is not ready one should not rush into it. Every decision you make affects another human being. Even deciding who to marry or not. You’re closing a father or mother for a person not yet born. It’s not all about you or love, it’s about your children. What kind of parents are you giving them? When it comes to raising female children, please follow these steps;

1. Tell them they are beautiful regularly and make them feel valued. This will raise their self-esteem so they won’t be easily swayed by friends

2. Don’t use force, instead try to gain their trust by talking to them. This will make them open up to you about anything.

3.start from the early age to pick the appropriate clothes for them. Don’t say they are just children so short skirts and shorts are good. They will grow up wanting to dress like that. You can’t tell them to suddenly stop wearing short skirts when you have been buying for them before

4. Please and please teach them how to groom themselves, to be neat and to look good.

5. Teach them how to cook

6. Protect them from strange aunties and uncles

7. Don’t stop them from going out, just tell them to come home at the right time. Let them go out and learn social skills. Don’t raise a social freak


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