Here’s What Happens If A Female Footballer Becomes Pregnant During A Particular Season

Unlike before when the game of football was mainly ‘Men’ sport, football has grown and evolved into a type of sport that women also participate in, in fact, it has become a source of livelihood for several women around the world.

But despite the fact that is is a golden Career, Many ladies don’t find it interesting to embark in that journey especially because they afraid of their Careers ending when they become pregnant.

This is because Back in the days when Female football first gained recognition, there were speculations that some football clubs gets rid of some pregnant female players.

However FIFA introduced a series of measures to protect pregnant footballers. This includes a mandatory 14-week maternity leave would see players guaranteed a minimum two-thirds of their contracted salary, while FIFA indicated a wish to make it harder for clubs to part company with pregnant players, saying “no female player should ever suffer a disadvantage as a result of becoming pregnant”.

“The idea is to protect female players before, during and after child birth,” said Emilio Garcia, FIFA’s chief legal and compliance officer.

Fifa’s chief legal and compliance officer, Emilio Garcia Silvero said: “The clubs will not be allowed to terminate the contract of a player on the grounds of a player becoming pregnant.

“If this is the case, we are going to impose not only a fine, and compensation to the player, but also a sporting sanction. We are going to impose a transfer ban on the club. From now on, female players will be better protected.”

The football Clubs were also advised to reintegrate female players and provide “adequate medical and physical support” after they have given birth. This helped so much to shape the female football. Currently there are large numbers of young women who are eager to become professional footballers since they know it can’t hinder them from their Normal lifestyle.


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