Popular brand to reward house help for safe-keeping all the money she’s been finding in her boss’ clothes

A house help whose rare and honest act earned her commendation online is set to get a gift from a popular detergent brand.

Musbizu’s blog  reported earlier that a South African man known on Twitter @LesDramatic said he discovered that whenever the house help washes his clothes, she keeps any money found in pockets in a safe place.

According to him, all the monies the helper has been saving were put in an OMO branded soap box.

He shared photos of the money recovered and wrote;

”My helper has been putting money she gets in my clothes in a soap tub”

The post about the lady’s act which went viral, impressed social media users and got the attention of OMO detergent brand as it offered to gift the house help something special.

Taking to its official Twitter handle, the company quoted @LesDramatic’s tweet and wrote;

”uAunty is onto something yazi Please DM us so we can send her a gift from the OMO team”


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