Who will marry me for free, but under this circumstances

I lived freely in confortable life, my parent are really love  so much, but I lost them last one year. I have inherited enough money from my parent wealth.

Now only thing I want is to get a life partner, due to this I decided to find somebody who have interested to get marriage with me. I made a sentenced that anybody who agree to marry me, he can get me free without spending his money, but under the following circumstance:

Firstly, When we got married, it’s not allow for you to add another wife till end of your life, you only live with me alone.

Secondly, I have no time for cooking our food, we are goint to hotel daily for take our food there.

Thirdly, It’s compulsary to scheduled our honeymoon occationally.

Under these circumstance, if you agree to marry me, you can get me free without spending your money. Please any body?

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