“We Have 40,000 People On Our Payroll And None Of Them Ever Miss Their Monthly Salary” Pastor David Oyedepo



One thing that makes God greater than men is that he can do what no man can do. For example, we have never been able to create something from nothing, but God created the earth and everything in it in from nothing. Today, in the second day of Shiloh, Bishop Oyedepo made this whole thought make sense.

In his teaching on The Tap Root Of Supernatural Faith, he talked about how hearing the voice of God will destroy doubt.

“You cannot hear God’s voice and still be doubting,” the Bishop said.

He went further to give an example. He told a story of how he was reading the scripture in Psalms 34:5 which says;

“They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.”

And he recounted how God asked him if he could make one of his two eyes look up while the other looks down. When he tried it and failed, he said that God told him that he should not ever claim to be looking up to God if he’s looking up to man.

“Today, if we ever have a need in this ministry, man’s help is the last thing we would ever ask for,” the Bishop said. “God told me ‘I am the Almighty, and I don’t depend on your wretched purses. Rather, your wretched purses depend on me for replenishment.’ Today, we have about 40,000 people on our payroll, and none of them ever miss their salaries every month. Which man can do that? Which person can promise to do that?” Bishop Oyedepo said.

Below is the link to the service where he made this comment;


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