Very Embarrassing! Look What People Noticed After This Picture Was Posted On Twitter

Most of us enjoy sharing our pictures on social media, but at the same time we know that we have to be careful about the pictures we post, because social media is full of eagle eyed and observant people who closely scrutinize every picture that is posted.


For example, earlier today (Thursday 9 December) this young lady was turned into a laughing stock as she posted her picture on social media without properly checking it for any imperfections, but unfortunately for her, other people on social media site Twitter noticed something interesting about her picture.

As the young lady posed for the picture, people noticed that there was someone who was busy using the toilet in the background, look at what some of are saying…



“Haikhona where is the door?😂😂😂”

“The legend is doing a transaction at the back”



“Is there someone doing their business with the door wide open???”

“Girlfriend watching proceedings from the toilet,┬ácan’t trust her man with another chick 🤣🤣🤣”



“It looks like she’s struggling a bit there on the toilet”

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