Nollywood actress Uju Okoli has taken to her social media page to make a hilarious promise to her potential customers who will purchase from her.

Uju Okoli is a Nigerian actress who is known for her versatile roles in the movie industry. She has starred in a lot of movies and has graced the screens of a lot of people. She is not known for a particular role as she plays all roles given to her with passion.

The actress has taken to her page to share photos of herself standing at a filling station holding the fuel pump and also dressed in a T-shirt, a cap, sneakers, and a pair of jeans. Taking to her page she shared the pictures serving customers fuel as she made a hilarious promise to customers.

Uju Okoli has taken to her page to disclose that she is ready to gift the first one million customers who will buy fuel at her filling station. She promised to gift 100k Liters to any driver who purchases from her.

She captioned her post, “I been talk say 1 million people ooo…i don see reach 3.2million people…because una year say na free FUEL ND DIESEL ???? Naija which way??😜😜😀😀….but i love una like dat…we still grinding the movie DISPATCH RIDER🎥🎬💣💣….powered by @makvee_production …..direction by MY MAN”

However, from her caption, it appears her promise might not manifest as she is on a movie set shooting a scene. Some fans have reacted to her post.