A guy posted a car he had bought for his mother but people noticed something else

Parents are a blessing to a child’s life and growing old and being able to still be with your parents is even a bigger blessing.

Parents sacrifice a lot for their children to make it into the future and be good people. From primary school to university there are a lot of expenses incurred but still a parent will try their best to make sure a child gets a good life. https://twitter.com/MrJazziQ/status/1468690410419769355?t=akfwJJ_Qrwna6Go3kkl0bw&s=19

A certain man posted a car that he had bought for his mon. he had promised to buy her a Mercedes Benz therefore he fulfilled his promise. “Once upon a time I promised my mom a Mercedes -Benz. I love you mother. Enjoy.” he posted this quote together with the picture of himself giving his mom the car keys.

A lot of people were really happy for him and appreciative of what he had done but they noticed something else. The mother looked so young that it was hard to believe that it was his mother. Some people thought he was lying and it was his girlfriend on the picture but he confirmed that it was his own mother.


Plenty of people were so curious to know what was the mother’s secret for staying so you that she was now looking like her son’s age. A lot of people wish to stay forever young and be able to be there for their kids both physically and emotionally. However being able to stay young and radiant without the genes is a full time job.

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