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Burna Boy’s Grammy Nominations is Because He Signed Under P. Diddy, Don’t Be Fooled- Ghanaian Rapper Tulenkey

Ghanaian rapper Tulenkey has rubbished claims dominating most social media discourse that Ghanaian artistes miss out on Grammys and other international awards because their songs don’t meet the expected standard.

Without mincing words, the rapper explained that Nigeria’s Burna Boy who had two consecutive Grammy nominations and won one did so not because he’ songs are special but because of his association with P. Diddy and the record label under which he’s signed.

“Burna Boy was preaching against big record labels and got nominated for the Grammys but did not win the award.

He signed under P Diddy’s record label the next year who promised him a Grammy award and the world music album and he got it. So, we shouldn’t be fooled it’s not all about the songs”, he said in an interview with Y 97.9 FM’s Nana Quasi-Wusu (PM) during the ‘Dryve of your Lyfe’ show.

The rapper who was part of Sarkodie’s Biiba Project in 2018 further disclosed that an artiste did not need a meaningful song to make a Grammy nomination, but needed a good record label and good plugs.

“I wouldn’t say we don’t produce meaningful songs. However, you don’t need a meaningful song to be nominated for the Grammys, there are a lot of things involved, the record label you are signed on to and the plugs you have before the music itself,” he explained.


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