2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Hand On A Woman’s Private Organ During Intimacy

Intimacy with a partner in a relationship is important because of its many benefits. Some people practice foreplay to lubricate the private organs before getting intimate. Some men may use their fingers to touch a woman’s private body during intimacy, which is unhealthy.

Studies have shown that you can transmit various types of infections from your fingers to a woman’s private organs.


This article discusses some of the infections that can spread from your fingers to a woman’s private organs. This includes the following:

1. Human papillomavirus

The virus can be transmitted by skin contact, and those who are active in intimacy are more likely to catch it. According to one study, people who have genital human papillomavirus may have the virus under their nails. The rate of transmission of this virus from fingers to private organs is slow or impossible.

2. Other infections due to intimacy

You can still transfer gonorrhea from your fingers to a private organ. This infection can mainly occur through intimacy. According to research, it can happen and not through your finger. Herpes can be transmitted from fingers to private organs. It can be transmitted by touching an open wound.

It is important to use gloves or a crib if you plan to touch a woman’s private body with your fingers to avoid transmitting infection.

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