Reno Omokri Shares 7 Things Parents Should Not Tell Their Children

Most parents try to motivate their children by telling them things they feel would make them better. Some parents may start to compare their children to themselves or other people.


In a recent post shared on Twitter by Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist (Reno Omokri), he revealed in one of his Reno Nuggets post things that parents should never say to their children.


The seven things he mentioned are:

1. See your mates.

2. When will you marry?

3. I want to see my grandchildren before I die.

4. Your children will do the same to you.

5. I regret having you.

6. You are a problem child.

7. I always came first in school.

A lot of people found the post funny and said that many Nigerian parents always say such things to their children.

After the post was shared on Twitter by Reno Omokri, it got a lot of comments and reactions. Below are some of the comments and reactions.

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