Businessman caught trying to travel out with N36 million belonging to investors (Video)

One Daniel Mbanasor, a businessman, has been nabbed after he tried to leave the country with N36.6 million which belongs to investors.

A victim identified as Ose Ọjị Crucifiso De.Cross on Facebook, narrated how he was nearly swindled of the money he had gotten from investors.

He said he paid the money to Mbanasor to deliver goods only for him to disappear with the N36m.

De.Cross’ shared a video of Mbanasor being confronted after he was caught and wrote;

”Dear esteemed investors/friends,

I wish to thank you all for finding me worthy to entrust your hard earned money into my care in this hard economy.

This past few months have been such a challenging one for me.

It was actually an overwhelming situation for me but be that as it may, I am very much pleased to tell you that everything is under control.

What happened is that Mr. Daniel Mbanasor , one of my sole product suppliers dubiously withheld the money that I paid to him for products, up to the tune sum of 36.6 million.

He went into hiding and has been giving me excuses upon excuses from his hideout, while making arrangements to get a visa and run away from the country with my investors money.

The good news is that he has been arrested last week and efforts is being made to retrieve the money with him and pay back to the owners accordingly.

Dear esteemed investors and friends, once again, I wish to thank each and everyone of you who has stood patiently by me through this trying times and I also wish to plead with you to accord me a little more time to follow the case with Mr. Daniel Mbanasor, as we hope to retrieve every dime in his possession, so we can be able to balance up.

I, Ose Ọjị Crucifiso De.Cross has not and will never run away with your money.

Attached, are pictures and videos of the arrest of Mr. Daniel Mbanasor.

Thank you once again as I assure you all that we will come out of this stronger.”

Watch video HERE

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