3 Things Ladies Should Keep Secret And Never Disclose To Their Man

There are some boundaries in a relationship that you must never bypass. Some things should be kept secret from your spouse so that the trust between you will not be broken.

You are advised to keep some certain information away from your man so that you can avoid unwarranted issues in your relationship.

Even though trustworthiness and truth are very important, there are things you know that you must not allow your partner to know about so that you don’t eventually lose your relationship.

Never tell your man things that could make him feel insecure. You already know his weaknesses, although outsiders may not know them.


For example, if you meet an old male friend who is now very rich, you know that he is still looking for a job or has just lost his job.

Don’t tell your partner about it because it could make him feel insecure. It can make him feel bad because he’s not yet stable financially.


Things like this should be kept secret. You might not even have plans to date your old friend, but for the sake of peace in your relationship, don’t tell your man about it.

Never tell your man about the negative things that you hear about him from other people.

For example, if your neighbor tells you that your man is too fat, don’t tell your man about it.


If you tell him, it will build enmity between him and your neighbor.

Moreover, anytime he sees you having a private chat with your neighbor, he will assume that you are discussing him.

Always protect your man’s reputation outside, instead of coming home to tell him negative things people said about him.


Never tell your man about how your ex-boyfriend was very nice to you. If your ex-boyfriend treated you well, don’t bring the memories to your new relationship.


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