After 19 Yrs of Marriage Without a Child, Woman Tested Her Fertility, Got Pregnant by Husband’s Son

A woman simply known as Mrs Justina Agbumi, a housewife in Nasarawa State, has reportedly got pregnant by a young man, whom she later know to be her husband’s secret son that had been living with them for years.

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According to report by The Nation Newspaper, Mrs Justina Agbumi was childless with her late husband Donald Agbumi, for a period of 19 years and the woman decided to test her fertility with a young man living with them. In the process, Mrs Justina got pregnant for the young man whom she later discovered to be her husband’s biological son, whom he had while still in school.

She reveals that though she knows that adultery is a sin however, her husband’s constant insults, calling her barren woman and all, made her make up her mind to test her fertility with another man.

She narrated how she lured the young man into having affair with her which later resulted into a pregnancy.

Mrs Justina reveals that she got to know that the young man whose name was given as Godwin, was her husband’s son when Godwin died in an accident and her husband couldn’t contained the pain of losing his only child, which made him to open up to her that the late Godwin, was his son.


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