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Tinubu Completely Sidelined, Suffering Silently In APC- Rufai Hanga

Hanga revealed that despite all the degradation he has endured in the APC, Tinubu is still holding firm today,  because he is’ super-human.’

He claimed that if an ordinary individual was subjected to the treatment Tinubu has had in the party, he would have left the party.

Hanga further stated that the APC will not be able to withstand a collapse in the coming days due to the multiple flaws and splits within the party. He made his submission in an interview on Daily Independent.

He said: “You don’t abandon a house you built but there are times when you have to abandon it. When you build a house and the house is cracking and you did everything to amend it but all your efforts are futile. When you see it collapsing on you, what do you do? Will you wait for it to collapse on you?

“No sane person will wait for the house to collapse on him, you will run away. That is what I have done by dumping the APC. I walked away from the party because I know the house is collapsing and I don’t want it to collapse on me.

“All this while, we did our best to mend all the cracks but unfortunately, I think it is not amendable. Nobody can remedy what is happening in APC now. There are people in the party who have suffered in the party and laboured financially even more than me. If they can be suffering like this under APC, then who else is spared?

“Look at how Asiwaju Tinubu is suffering in APC silently. He is completely sidelined. Just because the man is a super-human that is why he is still standing. If he were an ordinary human being, he would have collapsed. He has really endured a lot. That is why he is overcoming so many things. So, if people like Tinubu can be going through suffering despite his role in the formation of APC, who am I?”

“That is why I decided to walk away because with the way things are going, there is no way the party will survive. How many cracks are there now in the party? How many factions are there now? We have about three to four factions and it is next to an impossibility to bring them together.”


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