I Have A Friend That Teaches Primary 3 Students In A Private School, She Told Me What Kids Do


Popular human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, was on his Twitter account this evening to rant about the Dowen college incident that happened recently.


In his tweets, Deji Adeyanju started by saying that a 12 years old boy was forced to join a cult and was eventually killed in the process, he said this incident is happening in a school that accepts N1 million as school fees. Adeyanju said nowadays, gun violence, homosexuality and other things are forced on people in the name of freedom.

Adeyanju also balmed bad parenting as one of the reasons affecting this generation, he said it easy to blame the school for what happened, but the parents also have a role to play because the duty of parenting cannot be delegated to the teachers or the school. In conclusion, Adeyanju advised parents to open their eyes and spend quality time to train their children, he also said that parents should not rush to defend their children whenever they are reported for doing a wrong thing.

Read what Deji Adeyanju said about the Dowen Incident below.



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