5 Powerful Leaves For Malaria, Typhoid


Malaria and typhoid is a very common sickness in Nigeria, a lot of drugs that can cure malaria are sold in the market but there are also some herbs that can be combined to cure malaria.





Bitter leaf



Bitter leaf has antimalaria properties and people had been using it to cure malaria for a very long time


Guava leaf



Guava leaf is also a very powerful leaf than has antimalaria properties, it is mostly use by the Yoruba people to prepare malaria herb (agbo) which they sell in the morning and evening and people have been testifying to the good work of their herbal drinks

Pawpaw leaf




Pawpaw leaf also known as Papaya leaves contains acetogenin which is a very strong antimalaria property, the juice of pawpaw leaf has been used to cure people with malaria for a long time.

Dogoyaro leaf



Dogoyaro also known as neem leaf is the best and number one leaf to cure malaria, it is packed with different antimalaria properties and people has been using the juice to cure malaria for a very long time.

Lemon grass



Lemon grass is mostly used by their Yoruba to prepare their agbo and people has been testifying to the work of their agbo which is mostly prepared and sold as an herbal cure for malaria

How to prepare the malaria herbal drink with this leaves

Washed the leaves and put them in a pot

Add enough water to the leaves and let the water boil for about thirty minutes until the colour of the water changes to light brown.

Pour the water into a cup and start drinking

Some people also uses the water to bath

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