Student narrates how her boyfriend made her cook, clean his place, not knowing she was doing it for another girl (Video)

A Nigerian student simply known as Kate has shared a story of heartbreak and exploitation by her boyfriend who she has broken up with.

In a video making rounds online, the girl who was with her friend, spoke during a street chat.

She was asked who cheats more between men and women, and without batting an eyelid, she said men.

Kate then narrated how she visited her boyfriend two days ago and he asked her to wash the plates, clean the room and even wash his bedsheets.

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She, however, did not realise that she was doing all that because he wanted to entertain another girl.

Kate paid her boyfriend a visit later, only to find another lady there and they were having a romantic moment.

According to her, they also prepared banga soup and happily consumed it.

Watch the video HERE


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