5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Have Intercourse During Pregnancy

Having Intercourse during pregnancy proves to be a huge concern to expecting mothers and their spouses, due to fear of doing it wrong and affecting the developing baby.

According to trusted medical practitioners, a developing fetus is covered by the amniotic fluid in the uterus and also by the strong muscles of the Uterus, making it possible for the baby to be protected during intercourse.

So far, having intercourse during pregnancy can not induce a miscarriage.



However, having intercourse could become a problem if the expecting mother develops placenta problems or a complication like preterm labor.

When should a pregnant woman avoid intercourse?

health care providers have dutifully instructed that women who experience the following conditions should avoid having intercourse when:

1. When a pregnant woman experiences vaginal bleeding that’s unexplainable.

2. When the placenta is fully or partly covers the placenta previa or opening of the cervix.

3. When amniotic fluid leaks or when the cervix starts opening prematurely.

4. A woman that has a history of premature birth or preterm delivery.

Women who experience the above issues should avoid having intercourse during pregnancy and focus on other forms of intimacy like cuddling, massaging, and spending quality time with their spouses.

The Importance of having intercourse during pregnancy

1. It aids the circulation of blood

The body of a pregnant woman works twice the amount it’s used to before pregnancy to meet the requirements needed to sustain both the mother and her baby.

During pregnancy, having intercourse aids with the supply of nutrients and more oxygen to the baby at the release of hormones. Thereby aiding in the development of the baby.

2. Boosts the pelvic muscles

Having intercourse during pregnancy boosts the muscles during the third trimester of pregnancy. This helps to prepare the vagina for delivery.

3. Better orgasm

With the release of the two main hormones during pregnancy; progesterone and estrogen, an expectant mother reaches far more orgasm and satisfaction during pregnancy.

4. Reduces blood pressure

Having intercourse during pregnancy lowers the rise in a woman’s blood temperature. This occurs because of the hormones released before orgasm.

5. Aids easy delivery

Continuous intercourse during pregnancy assists to open the cervix and contract the pelvic muscles, this helps mothers to have an easy labor.

Also, it aids in the management of frequent urination during pregnancy and also improves the bond between couples.

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