Nigerian lady reportedly turns down ‘juicy’ job offer because of Amala

A Nigerian lady has reportedly declined a housekeeping job offer due to her food preference in comparison with that of her intended employers

Bright Cyprian, a Twitter user narrated how a lady was desperately searching for a housekeeping job and she finally got one, but she rejected it because she does not like Amala, which is actually what the employer likes.

She was meant to receive N40k monthly salary, and due to her dislike for Amala, the employer offered to give her N10k weekly to prepare her own soups but the unemployed lady still declined.

According to Cyprian, the lady not long after turning down that offer, has started begging for a job again.

”This babe turned down a housekeeping job she was desperately searching for cos the employer is Yoruba and she doesn’t wanna eat Amala, ok, the employer said she’ll be giving her 10k every week to make her own soups, she still said no, now she’s back begging for the job, smh. And the 10k is not part of the 40k salary o For this Nigeria???” the tweet reads.

See the post below:

Nigerians on social media were, however, of the opinion that it is a fabricated story.

@tochimadu; When your village pple laugh with you for a sec….

@Aboki_goat; Village people make una de respect leaders for village

@Oluwalion; Things wey no dey happen Season 2 episode 9

@Zeem_Miles; Burnt overripe dodo

@ed_couture; Lmao, they’ll definitely give her a personal freezer to store her soup

@ChrityLomo; Where is the place, I need the job

@JimCaddy; Hahahahahahaha. You go fear beggar wey get choice nah…

@CivilisedParrot; “No Be We Go Tell Am Wetin She Go Do”

@nee_dles; Lol, it’s her preference.

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