The embittered man claimed that the bank transferred his money to hackers who compromised his account after he came to report over his account being hacked by the unscrupulous people.

According to reports, the man had earlier reported an unfamiliar debit transaction of N450k on his account to the bank after which the bank reportedly asked him to get a court order to prove he had no business with the recipient.

He reportedly got the court order only to be informed upon his return that the transaction had been facilitated in favor of the supposed hacker.

A Facebook user who shared the video said;

‘someone hacked his account and he went to report, luckily they traced the hacker’s account and blocked it. He was aksed to go to court to prove that he didn’t transfer money to the hacker’s account’

In the video privy to, the distraught young man is seen holding a rope whilst shouting that he is going hang himself to death and this happened when banking activities was taking place as others clients were transacting business.

Watch the video below;