5 Effects Of Sperm On A Woman


Do you know that there are a lot of benefits the male sperm offer to the female other than conceiving? If you are vigilant, you will notice some skinny women get fat immediately after giving birth. Sperm performs a lot of functions in the female body and some of those functions include;

1.    Hip enlargement

The hips of a woman begin to develop when sperm is continuously released into her body. The sign is very visible and you will see it immediately a woman begins to have intercourse continuously. Sperm is very high in protein and this is what most vital nutrients in a man’s body is used to produce. When released into the female body, it uses this high protein content in the development of the hips thereby bringing about enlargement. Since some women as aware of this, there normally tell their partner to avoid protection and use safe periods since the use of hip enlargement balm can pose serious side effects.

2.    Breast enlargement

This is one sign of knowing whether a girl is a virgin or not. Immediately a woman starts having constant sperm intake, the breast will begin to grow bigger and more tender. Some women purposely mate with a man, get pregnant and abort it just to increase the size of their breasts.

3.    Fertilization

This is the natural material needed for fertilization. When a man mates with a woman and the sperm comes in contact with the female garment, fertilization is bound to take place. That is why protection is used when both partners don’t want to make a baby.

4.    Clears pimples



Since women naturally have tender skin, when sperm is applied to such skin, it immediately clears pimples. Most ladies use it overnight and it works like magic. This does not only wipe the pimples but it leaves your skin smooth and shiny.

5.    Removes black spots on the face

There was a time an American rapper popularly known as Cardi B posted one of her pics with flawless skin on Twitter and when she was asked to drop the skincare routine, she replied “ cum”. This is s secret some ladies use for their skin. Mix it with your cream and see how your skin will glow. Sperm has the power of clearing black spots and revealing your flawless face.


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