A Nigerian lady has cried out in a video urging men to help girls without having to sleep with them in exchange.

The lady said things are hard in Nigerian and that is why some of them have hit the streets to engage in prostitution and beckoned people to stop calling them ashawo because it is their condition that has pushed them into it.

According to her, some of the ladies are hardworking but the money they make from their real jobs is very small and can’t save enough because of transportation and food.

Reacting to the video, a user identified as @hyperemannuel wrote;

`The video no touch anything, the boys she’s expecting to just help this girl’s, work extra hard, when they work they don’t even see girls, they work till konji will hold them, when they finally get a little gain from their hard work, they need to relief themselves of konji and this same girls ain’t smiling, no love, they are billed for what they want. If the boys help the girls who help the boys? Reasons this boys go into internet fraud it’s really hard for them`.

See more comments below;

cartrshwatz;`Weytin nor good no good make God no go give u dat thing wey u dey find, give these girls 100m them go still dey street how many thief don repent with all the money na iphone and hair them use am buy

webdesigner; `My question is why is she speaking for only the female gender? Is the country soft for the men? Is helping people financially a uni-gender role?

francisnaemeka; `Continue 😮. Things are hard for everyone except the politicians. But that one no mean say you go dey justify olosho work. I know girls who are not doing olosho work but managing on their salaries.