How To Know When Women Dislike You But Pretend To Like You

We meet some women who are true in their feelings for a man, but we also meet women who pretend to love in order to obtain financial or material gain. In this post, I will show you how to tell if a woman truly loves you or is simply pretending to love you.

Here are some tips on how to figure it out:

1. A woman who completely stops phoning us, even to hear from us, does not love you.

2. Secondly, a lady who claims to be in love will never have time for you because she will tell you what you must do, and it will be something really essential to do.

3. When you contact her on the phone, she seldom picks up the phone, and if she does, it is only to tell you that she is busy and that she will call you back later.

4. If you make even the tiniest error, she will be furious with you right away.

5. If a lady contacts you just when she wants money or something else, this indicates that she doesn’t like you and is only pretending to like you because she has a pressing need.

6. If she ever does something to make you furious, she will never apologize to you.

7. If you experience financial difficulties, she will abandon you immediately.

8. She will never be able to respond to your emails or SMS messages.

9. She will never be envious of you spending an hour at your side.

10. The majority of her time is spent on the phone, conversing on Facebook and Whatsapp without a care in the world about you.


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