Florence Otedola better known as DJ Cuppy has warned a guy who made fun of her father for loosing his identity and is now been called ‘DJ Cuppy’s dad’ not to let his father see that tweet.

The guy tweet saying he loves that people call Femi Otedola ‘DJ Cuppy’s dad’ sometimes because they cannot remember his name making fun of him with a laughing emoji and DJ Cuppy was there to defend him.

She retweeted warning the guy not to let her dad see that with a crying and laughing emoji and what one can deduce from that is the probability of her dad Femi Otedola complaining about the exact thing the guy just said.

Femi Otedola has made a name for himself but then the popularity of his daughter DJ Cuppy sometimes take over the influence he has that some people intentionally and unintentionally call him ‘DJ Cuppy’s dad’ and it’s not bad but it seems his name is fading away.

The name Otedola can never be overrided with the name DJ Cuppy but it appears some people just love to use Cuppy to identify her people really well since she’s the most popular one among the family even though the name Otedola helped her with her fame.

Screenshot below;