Yvonne Nelson Laments Over The Unseriousness Of The Movie Industry – Says She’s Tired

Yvonne Nelson tweeted saying she’s tired over how her people in the movie industry aren’t serious shaming the industry players in the movie industry because peeps are just not serious and it’s no wonder that it is where it is now.

According to Yvonne Nelson, someone told her it all starts when you treat a project like it’s someone else’s project and not yours trying to console her asking her not to stop being critical because people will get what she’s trying to put across one day.

Yvonne Nelson then added that she can’t wait for the day people will understand and get what she’s been trying to put across because she’s tired of how unserious they are in the movie industry shaming the industry players.

Yvonne Nelson is someone who says whatever she thinks and knows is right and for her to talk about the unseriousness of the movie industry means she has tried her best with some things but to no avail because of the unseriousness of the movie industry.

Screenshot below;


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