Permanent cure for ulcer and malaria within 2-3 days

emulsion for ulcer a peptic ulcer is also called gastric ulcer

this emulsion is for all ulcer sores on the lining of the stomach causing excess of stomach acid and heart burn, bacterial infection making the digestive system malfunction and have many small bubbles of gas in the stomach.

this emulsion will join them and help system release the gas and heal you in 5 days.

things to use:

👉 akamu pap or smooth corn flour

👉 one liquid tin milk

👉 one raw egg


put one portion of akamu in a plate or three spoon of any smooth corn flour if in your country you cant see local akamu use smooth corn flour…..



then add tin milk and stir to dissolve dont add any water, use only the tin milk, mix well then add one raw egg and mix the three well together before drinking. it should be taking once a day for five days. to be free totally

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