If you want to become successful avoid telling these things to your friends

We all need friends because life can get lonely sometimes and friends are the onces who know how to cheer you up and lift up your mood. If you have been feeling down lately but your friend call you or visit you at your place, your mood can change by just seeing them because you now have someone to talk to and share the things that are bothering you. After that you feel better.


But there are friends who pretend to love us and you must be careful of your circle because you never know who is pretending to like you. This is where most people get trapped because they reveal everything to their friends. If someone doesn’t like you or pretend to like you, that person will do whatever it takes to stop your progress because some of them sees you as competition.


Many people’s lives have been ruined by friends because of jealous. Many dreams are crushed and some friends became sore enemies after breaking up. Never reveal your plans to friends before you archive them. You must make sure you surprise them always so that even if someone is plotting your downfall , they won’t know how to take you down because they don’t know your plans. Everything you do must come to them as surprise. And you must check who is celebrating with you with happiness without hidden agendas.


In fact many people generally feel some level of envy when a friend or loved one experiences success. But these feelings usually pass before long. Often they’re outweighed by an individual’s support or happiness for their friend, even if they still have a lingering desire for what their friend has.


People jealous of your success are often your closest relatives, friends and colleagues. People you grew up with who had the same chances of success you did, who see themselves reflected in you.

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