6 Seductive Ways Married Men Can Use To Put Their Women In The Mood

Even a mere word can get a man turned on. But for womem on the other hand, it’s an entirely different ball game. Sometimes women only make love to satisfy their men because they are rarely turned on when he is. But the good news however, is that getting your woman turned on before love making is actually achievable.



Quality love making is very important for any healthy romantic relationship. Both parties are suppose to have their urges satisfied else it wouldn’t be called love making. And for most women, what you do and how you go about the business matters, but what you do to get them in the mood matters more. Here are 6 seductive ways married men can use to put their women in the mood.


Touches come in different sizes and pressure. The best types of touches however, are the ones received when cuddling with a man, the way you glide your hands over her body absentmindedly is a very serious turn on. Your woman would know that you enjoy the feel of her body, even though she won’t be aware whether you have other plans to make it lead to something else.


Whispers are very seductive. And the good thing about whispers is that: It doesn’t really matter whether a man does it to his woman’s ear. Whispering on any part of her body will surely turn her on. There’s just something about hearing a man’s voice that can make women get all raspy and deep that they cannot resist.


Unlike woman, men are more visual creatures, they are far easily moved by the things they see. But womem on the other hand get turned on by all five senses. Which is particularly why a man with a delicious smelling perfume will drive most women crazy. The moment she gets a whiff of your scent, even from the slightest hug, the job is done.


Intelligent men are easily far more seductive for women than unintelligent ones. The interesting thing here is that it doesn’t matter if you tosses a five-syllable word into a conversation or if you tell a random fact about the economy that she never knew. Whenever you impress her with your intelligence, she’s definitely going to feel a little turned on.


There are only a few things more seductive than a neck kiss. Going straight for the lips is old fashioned. If you really wants to turn her on, then direct your mouth toward her neck. For some reason, that part of her body is super sensitive. If you are able to hit the right nerve endings, her whole body will shiver.


It however depends on preference and this might differ from woman to woman. But most women don’t like their men to be so rough on them to the point that they leave bruises and scratch marks on their bodies. For some however, getting tossed around a little bit is actually seductive. Seeing a man take control is actually hot. It lets her know that you are so turned on by her and that you definitely cannot afford to wait another second to explore her body.

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