The Reason Behind The Red Stripe On The Faces Of Players This Weekend

It’s another weekend when we have a lot of matches to be played across different leagues in the world. In Europe, the most common leagues that virtually everyone is acquainted with are the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, Spanish La Liga, German Bundles Liga, etc.


Some matches actually kicked off yesterday evening, though it was basically in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

For the sake of this article, we shall specifically look at Italian Serie A, specifically because of the red stripe worn on the faces of players and officials for this weekend’s fixtures.



We shall take a look at the reason why they wore such stripes on their faces, and it goes thus:

The red stripe is the symbol of the movement, which is led by the Italian humanitarian organization WeWorld Onlus, the players’ association, and the Lega Serie A, and will be worn across the cheeks of players and referees in the top flight this weekend.



In April, several athletes used the hashtag # unrossoallaviolenza to share photos of themselves with their wives and girlfriends (a red card against violence).They are expected to do so once more, this time with a girl.

in a campaign shirt will come out onto the pitch before the game to promote awareness, while a banner will be present at each stadium, and a campaign movie will be shown on the big screens.


The goal now is that the campaign will gain traction and assist in spreading such an essential message to the general population.

In recent years, after the declarations made in April and November 2018, it’s become commonplace to see Serie A players don the stripe and take a stand.



The campaign’s slogan is “show violence the red card,” which explains the mark on the footballers’ faces when they’re on the field.

If you were to read this, it would go a long way toward convincing you that gender-based violence is something we should all avoid, especially when it comes to women.

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