5 Medical Reasons Why You Need To Start Drinking Pap (Akamu) Often

Certain times, we neglect the things that keep us healthy and going as humans. Some of these things are the foods we consume. Pap, which is popularly known as Akamu is a kind of food made from corn.

It undergoes some processes before it can come out as pap. We take this food without knowing that it has solution to some of the health problems which we may be facing.

Well, this article provides about 5 medical reasons why we need to start drinking often.

1. One of the medical reasons why pap should be taken often is because, it helps to regulate and maintain high blood pressure due to its high potassium content.


We know that majority of men and women today are facing this disease which is capable of causing other serious health damages like stroke, chest problems, cardiovascular issues and so many others.

The much a person with hypertension can do, is rely on foods that will help to maintain the blood pressure. The link from national daily has this to say below:

2. Have you noticed that when you drink pap, you tend to urinate more than necessary? This is because pap has high amount of water.

This water helps to wash off certain toxins from the body through urine.

The kidney actually needs such foods with great amount of water to flush out unwanted materials from the body, hence, pap helps to prevent kidney related diseases such as kidney stones and others.

3. Another medical reason why we should drink pap always is because, it helps to provide the energy that we need.

This is so because of its high carb content. We need energy to carry out our day to day activities so, pap can provide this for us.

4. It equally help lactating mothers to manufacture milk which they need to feed their babies. Pap aids the flow rate of milk in nursing mothers.

5. Finally, we need to drink pap often because, it helps a person suffering from diarrhea to regain lost fluid in the body due to excess stooling.

Having known this, you can make pap part of your meals. It can be enjoyed with varieties of other foods like bean cake (Akara), bread, beans, moi moi and the rest.

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