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You Paid For Your Makeup And Manicure, I Paid For These Books’- Lady Reveals Why She’s Different From Other Women

The woman known as Boitumelo Letsiri in a tweet took a swipe at ladies who invest their monies in enhancing their beauty as she claimed that whilst those ladies paying for their hair, makeup, manicure, she is using her money to buy books to develop her brain and acquire knowledge.

Boitumelo shared a photo showing the books she had purchased to read and her short fingernails.

Reacting to her post, an Instagram user identified as ozor_iyangaiii wrote `There is beauty in diversity. Books are great, but people’s ability to choose what matters to them is even greater. If God wanted us all to be the same, he would have made us the same. Lastly, humans were endowed with free will for reason, exercise yours and let others do same.’

asakealago; `Make I keep quiet but please note both are valid allow people do what they want; what if the person that pay for hair and manicure has already paid or bought those books madam pack well abeg

beeabeg; `We also pay for this too and still pay for hair, manicure and make up. Take care of yourself my dear 🙄

askiazamahni; `People pay for makeup, hair, manicure and still buy books. Everyone is different sis.😂
queenshan; `Madam you pay for what benefits you, we pay for what benefits us, some of us pay for both looks and knowledge, it’s ok not to be able to afford both, we have all been there.

secretplacehusband; `Some will invest in their brain. Some on their body. Others both.
Let everyone be persuaded by their personal choices and lifestyle.
The most successful person is not necessarily the smartest, wealthiest or prettiest.
As good as all these are;
it is that person who makes life worth living for others and also has immense respect for this planet.


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