Best Time For Women To Continue Having S€x After Childbirth

Weeks after childbirth, it is advisable for women to abstain from any act of intimacy so that their system could have time to regain lost energy and their reproductive organs to be at rest. An american website however reveals that women should wait up to 6 weeks before the activities resume. But since each woman postpartum is different, it is better to follow the general guidelines below.

1. When The Female Genital Is Revived


The female reproductive organ often undergoes a natural expansion during childbirth which makes intimacy painful when it’s done a short while after giving birth. However, each woman should resume lovemaking after their female organ is healthy once again to handle sexual activities like before childbirth.

2. When Stamina Is Regained


Lovemaking demands mutual energy between both partners to have a healthy and safe moment. Therefore, a woman who hasn’t regained enough energy after a short while of childbirth should stay away from the intimate activity for time being. This is to curtail fainting during lovemaking which may ensue due to lack of red blood cells.

3. According To Family Planning Scheme


Family planning helps reduce the number of children parents want to have so it could fit in their financial capability. Therefore, couples should consider their family planning scheme before they resume having intimacy to prevent another early pregnancy in women. At least if they must, contraceptives should be encouraged to prevent pregnancy.

4. When The Sexual Urge Increases


Scientifically, nursing mothers who just give birth often release oxytocin through breast milk; a hormone that triggers good feeling towards the baby and also suppress the woman’s libido responsible for sexual drive. Therefore, forcing your way into intimacy may not give you the best intimacy experience which is why waiting for a little more is advised.


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