Two Objects You Are Advised To Stay Away From When It Is Raining Heavily

There are some objects that are very dangerous to stay close to when it is raining heavily. The reason for this is because of the effect of lightning and thunderstorm on these objects. Sometimes, we may be stranded outside during rainfall, although, being out in the open can be dangerous, it becomes more dangerous when we take shelter under some objects that we are not supposed to.

In this article, we will be reviewing two objects that you should stay away from during rainfall.



1. Trees.

These tall objects are very dangerous to humans during rainfall. First, there is the effect of lightning and then the effect of thunderstorm.

A tree is very vulnerable to lightning because of its height and moisture. Lightning gets to tall objects easily, and trees are some of such objects. Also, the moist nature of the internal structures of the tree makes it to have low resistance to electric current from lightning. Therefore, an individual taking shelter under a tree during rainfall may be easily struck accidently by lightning via his or her contact with the tree.


Trees are also vulnerable to thunderstorm. Although, this rarely occurs, it cause damages when it does. Trees are often uprooted by heavy thunderstorm. Taking shelter under a tree could be dangerous in this case. For example, sometime ago, a tree was uprooted by thunderstorm at the parking lot of the Thiruvananthapuram railway station, Kerala India. The tree fell on cars and damaged them extensively. One person was also injured in the incident.

2. Metal.

Metals are also some of the objects that often get struck by lightning. Although, they do not have the capacity to retain the electric current for a long time, when such metal is however wet, it could be dangerous because water conducts electricity well and rapidly. Taking shelter under a metal object could come with its own risk.


Although, if you keep your hands off such object, you may be safe, it is however not sure if it is entirely safe. It is however better to avoid such objects during heavy rainfall.

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