You’ll realise true love doesn’t exist when someone gives your girlfriend N500k – Nigerian lady


A Nigerian lady has asserted that true love does not exist for the mere fact that money can easily be used to snatch someone’s partner.

She took to Twitter to state that a man would realise that his girlfriend doesn’t really love him.

The lady with username @HunchoSamG wrote;

”Make person transfer 500k give your babe first, na that time you go know say true love no exist.


She’s not your babe na just your turn. Unless you fit double the money send give m lol.”

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Read some comments below..

@mira_dew; Why you shouldn’t date a broke babe in the first place


@SUNLILY19; But let’s be honest, if I transfer 500k to a man in a relationship he would do the same thing infact for free sef, so why exactly are we bashing women for the same thing a man does for free infact??

@MacKiddiey; Wo,emi gan o trust ara mi. If she do,na her gain. Heart wey don shatter already. Everybody jut dey manage anybody ni.

@marshallzugo007; True love exists. Just because you haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Try and adjust this mentality “everybody has a price but sometimes it not about money”

@GoldenSucre_; I’m surprised it’s coming from a babe, but you need to know it’s not everyone that love means finance in their dico

@luthershakurr; Some will reject and start acting up you know. All your shortcomings they used to overlook will then become very glaring and too much to cope with.


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