Popular Nigerian singer has gone viral on social media after an adorable video of him went viral on social media.

Wizkid has always had the vibe with his fans and supporters to enjoy his presence. Wizkid has gone the extra mile to make his fans happy and has made them feel loved with his recent action during his performance at the 02 forum.

A video of Wizkid is making rounds on social media where Wizkid was captured on camera collecting the phone of one of his fans who were in the crowd at the 02 Forum. The superstar was performing one of the tracks from his popular album Made from Lagos when he was seen collecting the phone of a fan and recording himself.

It seems the fan who was standing in front of the crowd was trying to record the performance of the artist. Seeing that Wizkid took the phone and gave the fan an exclusive video of himself on stage.

After he took the phone from the fan, he asked the Dj to turn the music down and also asked the cheering audience to lower their voices as he recorded himself with the fan’s phone and later gave it back to him.