A male school teacher was rendered powerless in class after one of the female students decided to turn the classroom into a nightclub in South Africa.

In what appeared as a creative class that was in session, students were given the chance to display their God-given talents as part of the learning process and one of the young teenage school girls decided to show off her dancing skills.

A video making rounds online currently show the girl clad in a short school uniform dancing wildly in front of him whilst seated on his chair.

The teacher was mesmerized by the students’ display of adult moves as she coupled her dance with certain suggestive gestures and he became powerless to even call the girl to order to stop her wild dance but didn’t. Her classmates cheered her on as she gave their school teacher a field day.

Watch the video below;

Reacting to the video;

@jazre wrote; `I made sure I see to end before concluding that I didn’t find anything wrong with the video, children will always be children, sometimes its our adult mind that really paint a lot of things bad, the event that brought the dance must be something everyone in the venue is happy about and the little young teenage took the audience attention. She’s happy , teacher is happy too. Everyone is cheering her 😂😂

@lucci okoye wrote; `This is quite disturbing. I don’t care if the teacher is friendly or not. From my observations most friendly male teachers are pedophilic