How to satisfy your partner when making love

Truthfully, there are many things that make marriage beautiful, it is companionship, a bond, lovemaking, intimacy, ideas sharing and others. Among all things that are mentioned, lovemaking is what partners love more because it gives them the avenue to fulfill God’s commandments, which is to multiply.

Over time, some partners prefer to just act alone but are scared to talk about the sexual life, this is not really a good idea because talking about it will give partners an hint on how to handle and enjoy it together.

A few things to do while making love will be explained in the subsequent paragraphs.

1. Give it all.

Take away the shyness and give your partners the best of what you know. It is not bad for the female partner to give a clear expression of how she is feeling, i.e., don’t hold back the feeling if you are enjoying it. Explore all the skills and moves that you know with your partner.

2. Communicate and show your partner how to do it better. 

Some female partners loves to dominate and take over the whole process because they are not always satisfied with the way their spouse handled them, in this case, show him how you really want it. Don’t be afraid or scared to move his hands in any direction that you want it.

3. Interaction and communication are part of the process.

This is not a time to gist though, both partners are free to give feedback. Don’t feel shy or ashamed when your partner gives a negative feedback, instead laugh it over and make adjustments instantly.

Without mixing words, partners should know that the feeling should be mutual when making love to achieve sexual desire.

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