Don’t borrow anybody your pen in the bank. See what happened to a woman who did so.

This world is coming to an end and we all need to be very careful because what my eyes saw today I can’t believe it.

On my way coming back from the bank(UBA) close to Alexa plazer in Ikorodu, Lagos state I saw a woman coming towards my direction, looking at her face I notice that she was really crying I felt so sorry the way she was weeping in tears. I work close to her ask and ask her what happen, she told me that she had just been defrauded by a man in the bank I ask her how? said that she went to the bank to deposit a sum of 800k the made in her market sale of a month.

Getting there I went to fill the deposit slip after I was done filling it a man next to me beg me for my pen which I gave him, not less than one minute he gave me back my pen all of a sudden I noticed I was standing outside quickly ran back inside the back. When I ask the security if they saw what happen the only told me that I escorted the young man outside and gave him a pen and money. I started screaming, shouting that I have been scammed by juju. I told them that I don t know him I couldn’t bear it 800k!!!! I felt like is the end of the world.

Please let us be careful nobody should borrow anybody your pen in the bank, you dont know who is who


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