5 ways to know if your pregnancy is a girl

Is it a boy or a girl? This is one too many questions everyone asks, or at least ponders, concerning a pregnant woman. Is it possible to predict the gender of a child without the use of an ultra scan? Traditionally, there a few signs and symptoms that show a fetus is a girl.

1. Severe morning sickness: Some people believe that when a pregnant woman shows very serious signs of sickness, she would be carrying a girl. It is proved that women carrying girls experience more inflammation. A study carried out in 2017 found that such inflammation occurred due to the presence of more bacteria than when compared to boys. However, this theory compels more research.

2. Extreme mood swings: It is normal for a pregnant woman to be a bit shitty, as quirkiness exists in their species. But, according to tradition, they behave quirkier than normal, due to the presence of two females in one body, raising her estrogen levels higher. There is no research supporting this theory, hence making it questionable.

3. Weight gain around the middle: It is traditionally believed that when a woman gains more weight around the middle when she’s pregnant, she’s with a girl child. But there are no scientific bases for this assumption, making it doubtful.

4. Sugar cravings: It is regular for pregnant women to develop a liking to things which they probably hitherto detested. According to myths, a pregnant woman that has a craving for sugar carries a girl, while one who craves salt is with a boy. This is purely mythical.

5. Rapid heartbeat: Again, people believe that a baby with a rapid heartbeat is a girl, while a boy’s heartbeat is slower.

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